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DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux
02-21-2013, 08:15 PM
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Mercedes Benz DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux

My name is Patrick, this is my first post, even though I've spent a lot of time on this forum trying to find the solution to my problem. Here it is:

I bought a c3 Chinese clone which was supposed to come with 2011 xentry and das preinstalled on a VM. Instead of this, I received a 07.2012 version which looks like it's been set up to work with C4 mux.(I can tell by the icon on the taskbar). So far I've tried this with no luck:

I Changed the registry from compact4 to compact3 and reinstalled sdnc. This changed the icon on the taskbar to c3 mux. (But it was green even if the mux wasn't connected). When I connected the mux and opened up the DAS, I got 870 for which I used blacklist fix (replaced cal.sli and cal_real.dll). After that, when I try to scan W251, DAS won't find any modules. It shows the voltage mux it's getting in the DAS, but there's no padlock icon on sdnc.

Also, I need a new key for Xentry, but the appID is 253 - are there keygens for that appID or do I have to change it somehow?

Is it easier to do a clean install rather than trying to modify the existing one?

I don't want to send the hard drive back to China to get a replacement, because according to the seller it will take around 2 months...

Thank you in advance for taking time on reading this and I'm sorry if solutions is something obvious that I didn't find.
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02-21-2013, 09:06 PM
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RE: DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux
The SDNC re-installation was unnecessary, equally the change of the registry key. Where did you get that idea?

I would assume that the HDD actually was prepared for a C3 but something else caused your problems. Did you check the mux setting from the cal.ini file, most likely set for the Part D mux.

Did you run any virus scan on the Chinese HDD? You may have lost files that are compatible with their setup (but a good idea to run the virus check anyway and use a solution from this forum).

If you still face the 870 error, I would suggest you to find the full fixed DAS bin folder for your release, or at least the essential files.
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 Thanks given by: Rocinante
02-21-2013, 09:24 PM
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RE: DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux
Please see attached image. From what I understand, sdnc can be set up to work with either c4 or c3, and that is done in the registry.

Before I did any changes to the software, the DAS wasn't connecting to the mux at all (Error about voltage level, 30 or 31). After I changed the registry and reinstalled sdnc, DAS gave me the 870 error, which made me think it finally connected to the mux. After I applied the blacklist fix DAS is saying that was unable to find any of the modules in a car. I think there's still something wrong with the sdnc, because the band is always green, even with mux disconnected.

I checked all the config files, and it's set to part D2.

One more thing, after I connect mux to the car, LED on the mux is red and it stays red even after I connect it to the laptop and run DAS.


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02-22-2013, 07:19 AM
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RE: DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux
You are paying way too much attention to what SDNC is doing... don't worry about it if it is showing your MUX type properly, which should change on its own.. you do NOT need to make any registry mods... go back and undo everything you have done...

Since this is a Virtual Machine, I can only give you limited help because I don't use or have ever used VM, but it sounds like you have configuration problem with your VM com port settings.. I recall, that you have to change around the com port settings on the laptop and the VM to make them work together...

You might look at threads like this... to get the correct settings...


Remember the THANKS and + buttons if this helps you... It just makes me feel good
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 Thanks given by: webmaster
02-22-2013, 07:26 AM
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RE: DAS: Change c4 VM to work with c3 mux
Before I made any changes, I redirected com port to a file in the VM settings to check what's going on. After I ran the DAS, the file was still empty, so DAS didn't send any signals to the COM port. After I changed the registry and reinstalled sdnc, DAS was writting data to the com port file. I checked com port settings several times, and I'm sure that VM is correctly redirecting to the physical COM port.

I found the info about registry on this forum.
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