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  Piasini keygen help
Posted by: gazchopper - Today 08:05 PM - Replies (1)

can anybody do licence keys for Piasini
i ordered it via odb2buy and it the instructions i have to send a key to them and wait for an email containing '' license.key '' file
still awaiting and could really do with it up and running in the next few hours
could anyone help out with this?

cheers gaz

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  HINO-DX2 Actatorvator
Posted by: bigike. - Today 07:39 PM - No Replies

HINO-DX2 Actatorvator

Attached File(s)
HinoDx2 Keygen.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 10 times
Size: 123 bytes

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  Where can I locate a service that renews used Mercedes Intelligent Servo Module (ISM?
Posted by: Wampa007 - Today 05:35 PM - No Replies

Hi, I just had an Intelligent Servo Module (ISM) failure on my recently purchased 07 S-class. I have found a few foreign services that will repair the module, but when including shipping costs the prices are not viable as compared to just buying a dealer refurb for $500-$600. I have opened my failed ISM and have not seen any mechanical issues. The mechanic has told me that the ISM is not reporting the position, the computer indicates the module is in Drive (though it is on emergency Park), even when manually disconnecting the stick and moving it through all positions.
My question essentially is, if I were to buy a used module from a junk yard, is there someone that can viginize or renew it so that I can set it up for my car? Or is there a US-side repair facility that can refurb my ISM?
Also, does anyone know how to diagnose what component is failing? I'm wondering if the pin contacts on the board are perhaps corroded and the unit is just defaulting to failure mode. Any tips on how to test the unit without having to put it back in the car are welcome.

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VW Bosch RCD 310. Found first 2 digits
Posted by: SergoFox - Today 01:00 PM - Replies (2)

Pls help for found first 2 digits from 95128. Digits from my algorithm not between 00-19.
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 43.02 KB

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  Cummins QSL9 CM850 3 Injectors error
Posted by: gka3 - Today 12:54 PM - Replies (1)


I have problem with ECM ID 44679208

Injectors and installation is ok.
I checked thoroughly ECM hardware is ok.
I suppose that the problem lies with the software.

Error in ECM this

Code Active SID FMI SPN
0332 1 injector The current is too small 1 5 651
or open circuit
0331 2 injector The current is too small 2 5 652
or open circuit
0334 3 injector The current is too small 3 5 653
or open circuit

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  sd2-WEUR_VW_RNS310_V8 v2 how to backup?
Posted by: zeit - Today 12:16 PM - No Replies

I have the SDCard of " sd2-WEUR_VW_RNS310_V8 v2".
I have tried to make a copy ( Backup )of the SD to another one using "dd".

But when I enter my backup SDCard in the auto i get the info that the card is copied ...

Any chance anyone help me out on how to do a valid backup to another SD?

The original card never was entered in the radio...

Thank s

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  Prius odometer not rolling over
Posted by: s.ahmed - Today 11:32 AM - Replies (2)

2013 Prius odometer has stopped rolling over.
Trip a/b still roll as normal but odometer total has stopped at 81888 and not rolling any further everything else works fine! Has anyone come across this issue before?


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  NOREGON JPRO 2016 V2.1
Posted by: gramir - Today 11:20 AM - No Replies

last update noregon jpro2016 v. 2.1
thanks+ rep= password...
It works with kg. 2016 version

Attached File(s)
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 8 times
Size: 172 bytes

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  ktag edc17cp45 error
Posted by: ladadens - Today 10:50 AM - Replies (6)

hi! i have bmw 525d f10 from 2010

and problems with read out.


i have connect it 7 trys but always error.

my ktag clone will not work on this car,
before i have done some of these ecus.

also bmw 535d from 2014 without any problems.
and bmw 435d with xdrive

i now the boot pin is very small an not easy to connect.

anyone nows more to this error?

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)
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BMW Bmw 650 HEADLIGHTS Special effect
Posted by: joe1953 - Today 10:29 AM - Replies (2)

Helo friends,

on youtube i saw one very nice effect on 650 BMW.

The headlights looks very special...
Is this standard or must coding?

I have F10 BMW 2013 is the same effect possible?


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Nissan Nissan Cabstar-E 2002 3.0D : immo off
Posted by: robytza - Today 10:09 AM - No Replies


Can you please help me with immo off for Nissan Cabstar-E 3.0D from 2002 (edc15c2 ecu, hw nr : 0281010452).
I attach the content of the e2p (24c04).

Thanks a lot

nissan orig.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 0 times
Size: 223 bytes

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Citroen C5 SID803A DPF OFF
Posted by: CDKA - Today 10:05 AM - Replies (2)

Hi, Can anyone help me dpf off? Its an Citroen c5 2.0 hdi 100kw sid 803a.

Thank you

Attached File(s)
am29bdd160gb flach 100kw.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 3 times
Size: 370.06 KB

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  Skoda fabia 2010 1.4 tdi..where is km stored
Posted by: unlocker - Today 09:30 AM - Replies (1)

Please help.
Where is stored km on fabia 1.4 tdi 2010.?
In tacho and where more?
I have digiprog 3 v4.88.
thank you

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Mazda Mazda 2 crash df73-57k30c
Posted by: simon32 - Today 09:28 AM - Replies (1)

please clear crash data. Mazda 2 2008r. df73-57k30c

Attached File(s)
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 1 times
Size: 1.49 KB

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Posted by: bigike. - Today 09:26 AM - No Replies

File keygen free for anyone who needs it.

Attached File(s)
Allison13 Software And KG.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 25 times
Size: 186 bytes

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Hyundai Hyundai 95910 1R150 crash data clear
Posted by: naelraddad - Today 09:18 AM - No Replies

hi friends i need your help to clear crash data for Hyundai 95910 1R150 with Nec D70F3629
i hope to get tested solution because the car will com to me fro far area


Attached File(s)
Hyundai 95910-1R150 NEC 70F3629.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 1 times
Size: 93.55 KB

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  DS150 good quality?
Posted by: xyrs22 - Today 09:16 AM - No Replies

i want to buy a ds150, can someone tell me, is this one(on photos) good enough or can be better?

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)
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  8p0920900s Dash Audi
Posted by: nexus_jose - Today 08:21 AM - Replies (3)

Hi , my friend read and try modify kms with Digiprog3 and the dash is broken , he tell me.
I have Fvdi , i can flash the dash ?

Now the dash is off no lights and the car not start .

Some tips are welcome

Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk

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  Tuning File Service. Free File for YOU!!
Posted by: herbon - Today 08:09 AM - Replies (5)

Hello all memeber, we want to announce Our File Service.
We want to make a free tuning file for you to test our services.
Mostly files are tested on dyno and we change the logic of all tuners. We use extrapolation method, the same logic as ecu designer, we dont make tune by percents on most ecus of the market, we make custom stage 3 files also extrapolated. Implementation of Antilag and NLS and some other stuff!
Our offer is free file for stage 1 file, you test our services and then you think if you consider us as file supplier!
Try our free service!!
This is not a selling thread, is one free file for you.
No you should be real user mhhauto, not make new user for get files.
i will send al tuning files on mail, so you should send me pm or skype with your mail.
Also have stage 3 parts, check selling box!!
DSG Tuning, Truck Tuning, Antilag, Hard Launch, Lc in diesel,Bike Tuning.
If Want test,
THX+REP will be better Smile
Original WinOLS User

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VW ww problem
Posted by: tihomir - Today 07:59 AM - Replies (1)

i need ori hhh and lll files for ww golf 1.9 tdi 90hp
ecu number :028906021GG bosch

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Posted by: justiniani - Today 07:56 AM - No Replies

hi can anyone please help me im looking for a 2011 Maserati electrical diagrams for all systems this is a water damage car need to fixed and measure voltages please help

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Ford Ford eTIS 2008 touble installing
Posted by: wilde - Today 07:44 AM - Replies (1)


I am trying to install Ford eTIS 08 with wiring diagrams by installing it and copying all the crack files across one-by-one to replace the old ones but it wont let me log in, it says it needs activating online.

Can anyone help me? I'm stuck. Thanks,

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  Audi A7 3.0 313CV VMAX Off
Posted by: itman - Today 06:50 AM - Replies (2)

Audi A7 3.0 313CV VMAX Off Pls

Motor: 3.0BTD EDC17CP44
HW Ver.: 4G0907589
SW Upg.: 4G0907589C 0001

Attached File(s)
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 5 times
Size: 1 MB

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  Immo Proton Arena
Posted by: Kenny - Today 06:35 AM - No Replies

Hi all

I have a Proton Arena with all keys lost.
I need to either add new transponder or Immo off.
Can anyone help?

Then there is a buzzer box in center console, must this be bridged out or is there a separate alarm ecu?

I found a immo off file on the net that did not work.

Attached File(s)
pics and flash.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 0 times
Size: 147 bytes

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AA+john-deere-utility-mat+(7) Looking for solution for DPF cat 980k
Posted by: 98noname - Today 05:56 AM - No Replies

I looking for a solution for removing PDF system from CAT 980k. Emulator or software.

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Volvo Volvo Truck Diagram 2011 ( Electrical Schematic Viewer )
Posted by: Service Manuals - Today 05:53 AM - No Replies

[Image: 2i77imq.png]

Volvo Electrical Service Documentation updated: may 12, 2011

VNM (WITH GAS ENG) From Build Date march 21, 2011

VHD_VN_VT From Build Date December 19, 2005 - July 6, 2009

VHD-VN From Build Date May 2, 2011

EURO_04_VN From Build Date July 25, 2010 & August 11, 2008


Attached File(s)
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 13 times
Size: 30 bytes

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Mercedes Benz Mercedes Star C3 - help
Posted by: avtoveronika - Today 04:16 AM - Replies (4)

Hi, i have buy a new chinese star c3 box from Aliexpress.
I dont have a dell d630, can i use this box with other laptop?
What xentry version and windows OS i need to install for best working and how?
Can you give me advice becouse im absolutly new in all this.
I write most of all themes i im super confused.
Please help me.
Thank you in advance!

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  rns 510 bootloader
Posted by: Tom a4 - Today 03:48 AM - Replies (5)

bootloader looking for rns 510 version c. files from the memory s29gl032 and s29al016

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Posted by: plamen 63 - Today 03:39 AM - No Replies

Hi need ori dump from "st" - iaw6lp1.05 - HW 16.560.064; HW 9651789480
SW 16.656.044

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  Winols problems with axis values..
Posted by: Jan1980 - Today 03:37 AM - Replies (1)

Hi mates.

I made a mappack with genuine winols for an old VW EDC15P just for learning. I found a lot of maps and described axis values properly. RPM, injected quantity and and and..

Everything fine. But after reload the saved project, the values are not correct anymore. For example in driver wish, on x axis normally 1-100% throttle degrees, after restart just ones and zeros. On y axis rpm from 100-5300rpm, after restart 1-53. So, after restart, i have a factor from 0.01 on y axis. But at the moment, i described the y axis, there was a factor 1.00. I cannot change this factor..

What can i do ? Do you have an idea ?

THX a lot !!


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Mercedes Benz RS-232 to RS-485 wiring C3 Mux?
Posted by: crazyrr - Today 03:16 AM - Replies (2)


my RS-232 to RS-485 cable is broken. Three cable are disconnected from the connector/plug. The red, blue and purple one.

I've painted the connector and the cable with the three disconnected cabel.
I think i know the position of the three cables on the connector because there are solder joints on the pin. But i don't know which cable color to which pin.

Can somebody help me please.

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)
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Fiat IAW 5SF8.M4 virgin issue
Posted by: kieta84 - Today 03:01 AM - No Replies

Hi mates!

I need virgin file for the Fiat Panda 1.2 (51868981). In Attachment original file from ecu. please help....

Attached File(s)
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 209.13 KB

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  Same tractor manuals
Posted by: tormuk - Today 02:02 AM - Replies (1)

Hi, I need Same (Explorer, Silver, Laser, Antares, Titan...) tractor user, service or workshop manual.


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BMW BMW E34 IMMO OFF 0261200413 Silver label DME
Posted by: gbratk - Today 01:56 AM - Replies (8)


I kindly asking anyone to make immo off in this dump.
I have try one dump from red label ecu, which I found here in form but car doesn't start.
I baypass EWS and cut pin 66 on ECU,so the car is cranking, but it doesnt start.

Thank you for help

Best regards


Attached File(s)
BMW 525 27c512 0261200413 ori.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 2 times
Size: 30.9 KB

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  TM100 Key Programmer ***SOLVED***
Posted by: nomis - Today 01:54 AM - No Replies

Hello, Tm100 key programmer basic version can put smart key data onto dump c66,c86? "i need only for toyota smart key pg94,pg98"
I am going to purchase just only this purpose ! in lost key situation .
Or any guy tell me cheap solution any software to do only this purpose ?


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  DAVINA2 J2534 JLR firmware
Posted by: kuti - Today 01:38 AM - No Replies

Looking for solution of back to firmware no.256 of davian2 JLR china clone.
I updated it by mistake and seesm that is lock...

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  Kess checksumm error reading a mod file
Posted by: yellowperil - Today 01:22 AM - Replies (7)

Good morning
I have a customer with a new Holland t7.200 tier 4 tractor
He believes it's remapped by previous owner but when I read it with kess 4.024 clone it reads complete file then gives checksumm error before eventually letting me save the file
If I read similar tractor with known original unmodified software no checksumm error. Is this fault showing up because the software is perhaps already modified?
I can upload the reads if you need to see them.
Maybe someone else sees this same error if reading a modified file?

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Ford focus 1.8tddi 90ps power tune
Posted by: tesla1 - Today 01:21 AM - Replies (1)

Please help my for remap my car
focus 1.8tddi 90ps

read by kess v2


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File Type: .rar
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Seat seat altea radio code need
Posted by: ehtech - Today 01:00 AM - No Replies

hi can anybody help with radio code i have a seat altea radio number is
blaupunkt gmbh
815 7 645 606 366

seat se359lhd

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Ford FORD IDS v.86(MEDICINE present)
Posted by: ellerd0492 - Today 12:48 AM - Replies (1)

Calibration Fies are uploading as we speak, will post when they complete, I know its old but i like it, packed using WINRAR 5.40 x64, REP + THNX = PASS

File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 5 times
Size: 504 bytes

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Mercedes Benz Finding MBenz W251 722.9 VGSNAG2 software no.
Posted by: shihhaoyang - Today 12:31 AM - No Replies


I try to change W251 722.9 transmission's conductor plate. And I use Vediamo to reprogram the virgin conductor plate. But I can not find the old software no. from my database. My original software no. is 0054486010.cff, can anyone find this one? or can anyone provide other suitable software no. that W251's 722.9 VGSNAG2 control unit can use?

Many thanks!!

Samuel Yang

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  P0089 fiat ducato 2.3JTD 120 2008
Posted by: zhed - Today 12:23 AM - Replies (3)

Hi to all,

I have a big problem with a ducato 2.3jtd from 2008.

The car start but when i want to drive the motor stop. i restart motor without problem but check engine light is on. And same problem, if i try too much, the car won't start some second and ... motor start and always the same. The only DTC i have is P0089 fuel rail pressure regulation.

I try a lot of solution but impossible to find a solution

Injectors controlled and repaired
Other HP pump
New fuel regulator on pump
New rail sensor
fuel filter by-passed
low pressure hose changed
low pressure pump controlled and cleaned

I don't know what i can do, someone knows?

thanks for help or advices

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VW Golf 3 eeprom 93s66 help
Posted by: jancss - Yesterday 11:44 PM - No Replies

Hi all,

I need help from you with Golf 3, 1.9l, 55kw Motometer cluster.
The problem is in that, when died the eeprom 93s66 and after that no longer show km.
Somebody can help me to find dump for this cluster?Maybe somebody have it?

Here will be properties of this cluster:

1H0.919.864.K (SW:10.8 Layout:1.0 Index:28)
616.063..3050 (24.03.97 Kontrolle:4283 PN:115 sNr:1397160208)

Thanks in advance!

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  Update kess 4.036 protocol car bike truck tractor
Posted by: engine1 - Yesterday 11:42 PM - No Replies


update kess v2 3099 to 4.036 ksuite 2.08 full protocol.

I have not tested it yet, but I share for those wanting to test or compare with other solutions.

Free link IN PM

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Mercedes Benz AVDI and Vediamo and Xentry
Posted by: rabaukee - Yesterday 11:40 PM - No Replies

Hello together,

is anyone using an AVDI device with DAS / Xentry and/or Vediamo?

I'd like to know about the compatibility and possible limitations.

Thank you. Fing32

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  nissan qashqai throttle problem
Posted by: acidborn85 - Yesterday 11:37 PM - Replies (4)

hello, i cleaned the throttle of a Nissan qashqai 1.6 petrol hr16 now the idle jump from 1.3 to 2.5 rpm.
i resetted whit diagnostic the throttle but not work.
have manual procedure for reset throttle and pedal accelerator e mass air?
any try to do or i shuld change the throttle 1400 euro original?

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  Winols beginner
Posted by: Magdietis - Yesterday 11:27 PM - No Replies

Looking for teacher for basic remaps psg16 egr off, edc16c9/edc16c39 egr/dpf off. winols1.7, 2.24. Teach with teamwiever/skype. Not for free! Offers in pm!

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  edc16 guide tuning vag
Posted by: engine1 - Yesterday 10:41 PM - Replies (2)


for all members pdf guide for tuning ecu edc16 vag.



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Jaguar Jaguar Workshop Manual X-Type 2001-2009
Posted by: Service Manuals - Yesterday 10:04 PM - No Replies

[Image: 5wmhk0.jpg]


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File Type: .txt
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  Western Star program / software
Posted by: Starlight - Yesterday 08:00 PM - No Replies

Could someone please tell me what software is needed to connect and program Western Star cab controllers? Like ESA is used for Paccar i need to acquire whatever is needed for Western Star. Thanks in advance to everyone who chimes in.

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