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1,9TDI VP37 AFN Chiptuning with an other Boost Sensor

Hello Guys, where can help me i am working much time with ECM and my WinOls isnt running in the Moment i will modificate this Tuning file from my Golf 4 Cab 1,9TDI AFN VP37. But ecm cant modifite the boost sensor. Can a guy do this for me?

I have change hardware to this:

Hybrid Turbo gt15 exhaust and GT20 compressor
0,260mm Injector
12mm VP37
No cat and 3" exhaust
Bigger pistons etc....
and a other Boost Sensor 400KPA

i will drive 1,9 -2,0 pressure

In attachment is my tuningfile and the Datasheet from my boost Sensor.

Can a guy help Me?

For working file i will pay!

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Cabrio 1,9TDI VP37

75.59 KB
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Are you solved your problem?
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No can you Help me?
PM to me for deactivating EGR/DPF/NOX/Lambda/DTC/FLAPS - Chiptuning/FileService - WinOls - KessV2/KTag Master - CMD Master - Byteshooter - MPPS16 - KWP2000 - VCDS - VCP Professional - BMW INPA / E-SYS
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