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2003 Saturn Ion Vin Number IPC Programming

I recently picked up a 2003 Saturn Ion. The problem is the vehicle was sold to me with 133000 miles on it. the dash would flash service vehicle and mileage would not increase while driving. with a little research come to find out previous owner changed the cluster to show lower mileage. After reflashing the BCM the cluster now shows correct mileage of 204,000. I'm ok with the higher mileage but I am getting codes in the vehicle which refer to wrong vin number for cluster and no communication because of wrong vin number in cluster. I called acdelcotds and they said the vin for the cluster shows it came out of a 2004 ion. If I had a 2004 i could reflash to fix problem but since my ion is a 2003 there is no flash option for that year and needs to be sent in to get reprogrammed for a 2003. I decided to buy a eeprom programmer and try change the vin myself. I'm not sure on what is the "easiest" software to use. I have watched a lot of videos on hex editor but not sure how to find the vin number in the dump. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Like i said I don't care about the mileage but do care about the wrong vin number in the IPC. Confirmed by GM, the odometer will not increase without the proper vin being in the ipc which will make it hard to keep tracked of the oil change intervals. Vehicle is being donated to a needy family member with no transportation and would like to give it to them with everything working correctly. Thanks in advance & sorry for the long post.
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