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2007 ML350 engine Swap

hope this finds every mate here in good health.

I have an 2007 ML350 with a bad engine so am in the process of wanting to swap it but the good engine i have is from a SLK280 but i dont have its ECM my question is what the possibilities of it working in my ML350 with the ECM for the ML350 since i dont have the ECM for the SLK280 
Any advise will highly be appreciated 
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Not the best choice to swap as the SLK280 has less power. You are actually downgrading. But if you have no other choice, it should still run with the ecu from the ML350
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thanks very much for the advise so i have been trying to check on other options even for earlier YOM from 2004 MB that where equipped with the 272 engine i came up with the below list

will the engine from the above cars work on the ML350
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If you have no other ML, R (251) class would be the best choice.
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its harder to find the R class w251 in my location the common cars are c230,c300, and e350 so my bet is on either of these car but the engine i currently have that was pulled out of a recked slk280 is what am considering since its the only one am getting cheap i know the ml350 is a 3.5L and about the slk280 am sure its a 2.5 or 3.0 another thing is the person selling me the engine doesnt remember if he got engine from a slk280 or 350 is there a way to determine that
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Use EPC aggregate to model search option

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