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2011 Opel Corsa D 1.3 CDTi: Marelli Magneti to read and write

Hi guys,

had to read a Corsa D. Tried by Kess V2 but it didn´t want to read file, didn´t read the HW numbers at all.

I read about MPPS18 which should be better to Marelli ecus.

Can you confirm this? Or do I have to open ECU to cheat on the table?

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Try galleto
skype jure.coric_1
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Mpps V18 read/write very good Marelli MJD from Opel.
I tested on Corsa D 1.3 CDTI 2007 year, but must recode injectors after write for example by OPCOM.

2011 year should be Bosch EDC17C18/C19, not possible over obd via clone tools, only bootmode ktag, or bench Via different tools.

Wysłane z mojego SM-N970F przy użyciu Tapatalka
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It is possible after removing the T-prot. A clone too.
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