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2018 peterbilt 579 HELP

Could be behind steering column too but more than likely on main harnass on drivers side near starter.
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ohm out the v can on the abs module and then on the truck side... i bet it will point you in the right direction

if you dont have 120 ohms on the v can wires out of the cecu3 (cab controller) it might be the cecu3 bad or the wiring since you already tested with another abs module. but same on the abs module you should have 120 on chassis harness coming into it and 120 ohms at the pins if thats not true at either location you will have loss of communication for sure

you can remove cecu3 and also check the internal termination resistor should also be 120 ohms
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Guys READ . He already found the issue........ I came across similar problem few times with the Log books. They just make them cheap and incomplete . They mislead your diagnostics and make it hard to find the problem. Last time I had problem with PTT not wanting to connect to all modules and missing test and options because of that but no codes. I think it will be good habit now that the first thing you do is disconnect any log book device before any diagnostics especially the once that are connected inline with terminating resistor( lots of Volvo trucks have them right inside the fuse box)
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yeah my problem was I ohmed everything out on the vcan and kept getting good readings and that's what was frustrating me lol, but yeah like I said ive had issue where the qualcom will block the whole vcan line or datalink on volvos but ive never had it do it specifically to only one system. but I appreciate the advice everyone. haha sometimes you just need to get away from the truck to breathe and get back on it.
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Thanks given by: AlexKyle
Same here also ran into issue with ELDs connected at 9 pin. Taking down CAN or corrupting messages. Good to hear you figured it out.
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sounds like alot of guys here know alot about mutiplexing, i put together a pete 389 glider 2019 with 6nz. everything works but when i turn heater/ac fan on high i get a circuit failure on display. ESA says f can erractic or missing, turn fan off and it goes away. Speed 1 and2 don't cause it, sometimes 3 does, but high will every time in about 10 seconds. Appears fcan goes from cecu to chassis node only and all tests 120 ohms, also checked for proper voltage and ground both with and with out cab fan on. If any one has any ideas i could use them.ESA service manual mentions if cecu and chassis node are not powered up 1st time together could cause problem, tells to unhook battery and let power down this didn't help it
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Could electrical interference of some kind be causing it to drop out? Module and fan are fairly close to each other physically in the dash. Have you tried unplugging fan ie create open circuit see if it's actual fan operation that's causing issues or if it's dependent on control position.
Thanks given by: turbo777
yes i did unplug fan itself and let control in high and it works ok, then run fan with power probe by itself and still ok. Seems that only if everything is plugged in like normal is when it does it, I thought voltage at cecu was being pulled down but i only lose a couple of points
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