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93c86 Crypted Skoda Superb - Decrypting & Encrypting

Unseave the pin if the meter accepts you may need to try ecu
1 The key is stored in two addresses or

Send me orginal new and old I'll try to redo it
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Twoje nowe klucze Nie zostały przepisane

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!New Tachodecrypted new key.rar

1.98 KB
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I tried the dashboard in the car. It wasnt working correctly. I wasnt able to get into it with VCDS.
My problem is that this dash is from Skoda Superb 3U with EDC16 and my Skoda Superb 3U has EDC15VM and I cant get it working with the ECU.
So I thought I could copy the immo data from old dash to new dash.
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Restore the "new orginal " back to the new cluster. Then sign in with 04527, then customize channel 50 and type 04105, test -> save. Turn the ignition on/off. I last logged in with 04105 and learned the key.
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I am sorry, but the ECU and old Dash Logincode is 04527.
04105 is from new Dashboard. I logged already in and did that. But the control light for immo was just flashing.

Tachoencrypted.txt was encrypted original file from new dash.
!New Tachodecrypted.txt was decrypted file for new dash with immo data of old dash.

Thanks for your help.
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did you program key to new dash after you adopted to ecu with pin?

Clone of MEDC17, immo off/immo rebuild on VAG ecu's  Modus/Clio/Megane steering column repair/virginising Merc EIS/EZS/ECU/Key generation ...and many more.
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Yes it isnt my first IMMO3 dash. I got the dash from a friend's car in which I retrofitted it myself. Everything went smoothly there. But he had an EDC16 and I have an EDC15VM ECU. Now his car broke and I got the dash from him for my car.

I adopted the dash to ecu with vcds. But the lamp is still flashing.
Keys are no problem, only the ECU.
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I saw Iprog can encrypt dumps.
Has anybody iProg, and could help me, please?
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