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A 45 AMG (176) & CLS 350d (218) VMAX
Mercedes Benz 
Hey Guys, im new here and I got already a question:

Can somebody Help me Out to open a Vmax on the following Cars:

A 45 AMG W 176 MY 2016 - I Already open the Vmax from 250 kmh to 270 kmh via Monaco, but the Customar asked for more.

CLS 350d 4Matic SB X218 MY 2016 - I Already open the Vmax from 247 kmh to 250 kmh via Monaco, and the car Runs sometimes 280 kmh and somtimes only 250 kmh

Could somebody help me?

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The vmax of the A45 is 274 kmh (it´s measured by GPS I think) when changed in the ecu.
you need a specific cbf for this engine to optain the right access level.
Or you use seed key aclculated by somebody.
If customer wants more vmax he/she should by a car with real engine and not a car with a downsized sewing maschine engine. ;-)
The only possibility with A 45 to get more vmax ((more than 274kmh) is mapping then.
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