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AT-200 Clone MSV80 DME

Hello, I'd like to share my experience with the AT-200 and MSV80 unlock upgrade to hopefully help others.  I had three codes on a customers' vehicle that came in 2011 BMW 328Cic:

  • 2E7C BSD (Bit-Serial Data Interface) data bus communications fault
  • 2F71 Digital Motor Electronics (DME): electronics box fan, activation
  • 2B3D Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DMTL), system fault

While it's possible all these present faults could be true, it would still be unlikely so I decided to replace the DME.  I had used the AT-200 to replace other ECUs without issue and very easily, however, the MSV80 instructions involves soldering chips on to the board and the instructions are just a small resolution image.  I did not know the orientation of the TJA1050 so I used a multimeter and the data sheet of the chip to determine the correct orientation on the board via voltage and ground.  For the other small resistors I did not know the size and ordered them based on guess and parameters given.  They are 1.6mm in length.  I also had to add another CAN-H and CAN-L wire to my AT-200 plug.

Chips from Mouser electronics I used: 771-TJA1050T/CM118 TJA1050T/CM,118, 594-MCT06030D2201BP1 MCT06030D2201BP100, 80-C603C104K5RAC3121 C0603C104K5RAC3121

After adding the chips I had no issue reading ISN, writing ISN, and for me Backup and Writing of the DME.  I plugged the DME in the car and started it right up without any other ISN changes to CAS or anything else.  Hope this post helps those in need and who are curious about this tool.

[Image: hhiDXRx.png]

[Image: pFI3G3X.png]

[Image: mEtDoNo.png]

[Image: AFJM4za.png]

[Image: w2Rm5xw.png]

[Image: M0Poqvc.png]
Thanks given by: baner , auto2000

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