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Actia Clone Toyota Techstream ECU Flash Capable? Need Some Advice!

Hey guys, looking for a low cost ECU flash capable VIM (Lexus / Toyota). Is the Chinese clone Actia VIM's capable of working with Toyota Techstream to flash updated Calibration ID's to ECU? If not, can ECU flashing be done from within the Actia software with the clone tool?

I'm aware a Drewtech Mongoose Pro can get the job done and goes for roughly $400. As a hobbyist with very situational needs (just looking to take care of my personal vehicles) I'd really like to stay under $200 for a Toyota / Lexus flash capable VIM.

Advice and alternative suggestions welcome!
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Original openport is able to flash these ecu-s. Dont know about flashing with techsteam tho, but should work. BUT that said, i assume u have access to new cal files? I personally use Bitbox to flash newer sw (mostly with tune) but they have almost every toyota update file avalible on server.
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