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Alfa Romeo GT Stage 4 Help?

Turbo: 2056VK
R70 Injection pump
3Inch exhaust
The current map is with 230HP. I have done the revlimiter but it doesnt pop, it just sounds like the engine is stoping and going. Somebody done on my firends car and it bangs like hell. Since then I've put on 3.5BAR map so somebody needs to linearise it and increase the injection and turbo map for more HP and if somebody can make the revilimiter to pop louder (if i done it wrongly)
Thanks in advance.

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[Image: rgp12j0b11w9runzg.jpg]
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what you need more power or just popcorn ?
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Map linearisation to 3.5bar. More power and a good popcorn.
[Image: rgp12j0b11w9runzg.jpg]
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Extremely bad remap on this engine, duration map are not extended but increased, the vnt map is untouched (and you have a different turbo with a gtb vnt), over 1000nm requested on pedal maps (?!).

If you need a good remap, with informed data to the ecu, contact me.
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