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Another ME9.7 xprog Help!!!
Mercedes Benz 
Hello Guys,

Im a Newbie, Please help guys, Im working on a Merc GL450 2007mdl with
an ME9.7 ecu. problem is Ecu got fried/burned. I got a Used ECU with exactly the same part nos. what im trying to do is clone the damaged ecu and put it all in the used Ecu. I have Xprog, from reading around the forum i know this can be done by bdm connection. Please walk me through the steps i dont want to cause damage to the donor ecu. i have a few questions and I attached some pictures.

first: im following the Xprog bdm connection in the picture attached, im trying to get a reading but nada. I think this is because i need to connect a power source on the ecu being read, where should i connect this? and what voltage should it be? 12v?533

in the xprog device selection am i correct to choose MPC5xx? for MPC564MZP68.
it also has a selection
configuration A
Configuration B
which one do i choose?Fing20

thank you in advance
Me9.7 burned.jpg
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xprog mcu.jpg
File Type: .jpg
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Size: 98.51 KB

xprog me9.7.jpg
File Type: .jpg
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the board is pretty damaged. I think you'd be better served to remove the chip your trying to read.

I'm not familiar with the ecu but I think you need one of those soic 8 chips mostly that has the vin info stored. Then for full clone if you wanted exact copy the bigger chip middle top.

Again I don't know this board and cant really see in your pictures so I may be way off...
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Hi i still need to know how to read the mcu of the me9.7 ecu correctly
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in this case I would recommend you just swap chips.
I don't think it will be possible to read original ECU with the shape it's in

Have you tried reading the donor with the diagram you provided?
Thanks given by: EGYAUTO
swap eeprom
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Use KTAG diagrams. 10 BDM pads by baro sensor and 15-16=+12v and 2=Grnd(small connector). read MPC564 datasheet first.
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Why waste your time ? Make donor ecu virgin and teach in with Stardiagnosis...
Thanks given by: familyman , EGYAUTO , narkeleptk , Ruperto
(10-12-2017, 11:49 AM)Jan1980 Wrote: Why waste your time ? Make donor ecu virgin and teach in with Stardiagnosis...

Thanks given by:
(10-12-2017, 11:49 AM)Jan1980 Wrote: Why waste your time ? Make donor ecu virgin and teach in with Stardiagnosis...

Thanks given by: EGYAUTO

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