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Atris technik error: "Cannot locate postgres database"

Hi,I did all what you wrote here,but without results. Can you give me some next advise, how to solve it?
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i've had this problem numerous times. sometimes i have it to be caused by a corrupt windows installation. you can usually tell because the atris technik disc installs really fast. if it completes within 5 minutes (on an average pc, i'm not talking about the latest intel processor and super fast ssd).

Best thing that worked for me was to uinstall previous version or the remnants of the failed install. use ccleaner to remove any leftover registry entries. reboot your pc now disable your firewall, whether it be the windows built in firewall or an external program such as part of an internet security / antivirus package. this is imperative as it was the firewall blocking the postgre database from being installed. Now reinstall and see if this fixes the problem. Report back with your results.
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