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Audi S4 from 2000 265hp possible by obd?


is the Audi S4 possible to read and write by OBD?
Or must desolder the chip?
Car is from 2000
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8D0907551C not possible OBD
8D0907551D possible
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8D0907551C posible but only with galeto 1250
VAG, BMW, MB ... remaps based IQ, AFR, boost, SOI, duration, EOI calculation, ASmod ... WinOLS, BDM100, BLS100, VCDS, VAGCAN Pro
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(05-30-2018, 12:56 PM)parik Wrote: 8D0907551C posible but only with galeto 1250

We have test this much much times alto with Galletto never working for me.

Before some years MPPS (Original) V1.xx was working on this ecu but only this Version.

Ecu removed lower as 5 min and reprogramming via BOOT :-)
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Makis - What you using to boot mode it?
I have no luck with MPPS or Galletto.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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