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Autocom CDP can-bus problems


Just a few moments ago I tried my Autocom CDP pro clone with Delphi 2013.2 on a VW Golf mk6. Didn't connect to any ecu... Afaik all of them are accessible via can-bus. Should I change the can transceiver (tja1050) or should I bypass the relays and connect the transceiver directly to the OBD port?
The firmware was upgraded when I installed Delphi Trucks 2013.2 and the unit is communicating to the pc properly.
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Yes, I had a problem. Replaced the chip tja1050 - a device established a connection via CAN.
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Some people solved the problem can bus?.
I have too

And ideá is welcome

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I'm planning to bypass the relays and connect directly to the CAN-bus transceiver. If that doesn't work I would do as sa1973 said and replace the transceiver.
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