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Autocom VCI board type v8

I found the solution for board v8 with BT- My interface correctly recognized USB driver and I was able to do FW update - just wont connect to any car.

In my case Q704 was short between legs, I soldered q704 from another VCI and voila ! all tested on BMW f10 successfully.Cheer2

Not sure how about other PCB types however I advise you to check all transistors around LM393.

Maybe for someone this information will be useful.
Thanks given by: obdstart , MichaelGerasimov , AFBETDK , Stelaras , Leva
Over 200 views but not even F%#*ng thank you...
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Maybe is best option to uload some photos of your PCB v8. You have "thanks" from me for your work.
My words is my signature....
Thanks given by: miloudmess2014 , titoun
Thank you for your thank you Smile
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Maybe you"ll get a lot of "Thanks" if you would sell your solution. It"s a life-).
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