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Autocom read and not red can saab 2009

This is a Hard one for you to think about 

I have a saab 2009 so it should be can system  which according to everyone should be able to read without problems but no it reads engine and then brakes nothing more i have tried China versions 6 and 8 both say only the car did not respond only engine and breaks works

Took the car to workshop with original autocom and the latest original software it read all system without problems 

Have also test the car with a friend's original old model with two cards we use same installation same firware with hack and everything as China 6 and 8 did not work and on the original all systems respond

Now i have a version 4 home going to test it tomorow 

The CAN filter how do i find it on the PCB i dont have any in the cable sud i have one there?

Exuse my bad english hope you understa me
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Have now check on a saab 95 2006 and on that car it works perfektly 

Is it any differens on the protokolls on 93 08 and 95 06?
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