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Automotive Ebook Series for mhhauto members

(08-22-2018, 12:53 PM)THANK U BROmcusys Wrote: Ebook for expert technical

Automotive Diagnosis electronics
1.CAN System engineering from theory practical applications.
2.Diagnosis And Troubleshooting of automotive electrical electronics and computer systems.
3.Fuel Emission control systems.
4.Multiplexed Network for embedded systems CAN LIN Flexray.
[Image: 1534924978_0.07096200.jpg]

Automotive Ebook Series 1
1.Advances in internal combustion engines and fuel technologies.
2.Automotive Air Conditioning and climate control systems.
3.Automotive Electricity and electronics 5 edition.
4.Automotive Electronics.
5.Computerized Engine Control 8 edition.
6.Diesel Engines.
7.Gasoline Engine Management.
8.Handbook of deisel engines.
9.Hilliers Chassis and body electronics.
10.Hilliers Powertrian electronics.
11.How to tune and modify automotive engine management system.
12.Injection Pump BOSCH.
13.Modern Diesel Technology Electricity and electronics 2 edition.
14.Sensor Application Sensor for automotive technology Vol 4.
[Image: 1534924977_0.75930500.jpg]

Automotive ebook series 3
1.BOSCH Diesel Engine Management.
2.BOSCH Electronics Diesel Control EDC.
3.Combusion Engine Diagnosis.
4.Critical Component ware in heavy ducty engines.
5.Internal Combustion Engines Applied Thermosciences.
6.Lithium Ion Batteries Basic And Application.
[Image: 1534924978_0.39212900.jpg]

Automotive Series Wiely
1.Automotive Power Transmission Systems
2.Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Modeling and control.
3.Modeling Simulation and Control of TWO-wheeled vehicles.
4.Vehicle Gaerbox noise and vibration Measurement analysis.
[Image: 1534924977_0.09378800.jpg]

Automotive Tuing ebook
1.Designing and tuning high performance fuel injection.
2.Engine Management advanced tuning.
3.Modern Engine Tuning(Graham Bell).
4.Performance Automotive Engine Mathamatic(Sa Design-Pro) Nodrm.
[Image: 1534924977_0.45890600.jpg]

Automotive Lubricant ebook series
1.Applied Tribology Bearing Design and lubrication.
2.Development in lubricant Technology.
3.Fluid Film lubrication 2 edition.
4.Friction Wear Lubrication.
5.Grease Lubrication in rolling bearings.
6.Guid to ASTM Test methods for the analysis pretroleum products and lubricants.
7.Hydrodynamic Lubrication.
8.Lubricant Additives Chemistry and applicaions.
9.Lubrication Introduction to properties and performance.
10.Lubrication Fundamentals.
11.Numerical Calculation of elastohydrodynamic lubrication Methods and program.
12.Numerical Calculation of lubrication.
13.Oxidation and the Testing of turbine Oils.
14.Process Chemistry of lubricat Base Stocks.
[Image: 1534925060_0.69543900.jpg]

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