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Autotuner tool yes or no ?

hey im about to buy a autotuner tool master. and just wanna to know if any 1 have som think bad to say about it ?
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I have thinking that too. And compared it to MagicPro2 tool. Which one have larger OBD R/W support?
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Kess 2.47/5.017 + Ktag 2.25/7.020 and now KESS 5.028/2.47 VR and KTAG 8.000/2.47!!!
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I am buying autotuner I think it's a really nice tool. Support seems good. I am only holding back at the moment due to the poor sterling to Euro exchange rate. Once this improves I will be buying mine.
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new magic flex tool well be release very soon , might be worth waiting , l will be upgrading x17 in a few weeks
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it is the subscription that scares me away. i dont tune that many cars. i have cmd and k-tag now and that subscription is about to run out, that is why im thinking about the autotuner Smile and then have som clones Smile
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try a join there facebook and ask questions m8 , edc17cp14/20 uds is still boot tho
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Its a good tool.
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We have this tool and i must say thats working good and fast.
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have this tool .good work for bmw cars
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