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Aygo 2017 engine stop after few seconds from start.
Hello everyone
Today i've get an Aygo from 2017 with start problems, it looks like immobiliser problem or some safty in engine ecu. Only foult in engine was "start not possible" or something simmilar, i've used launch pro3.
Did anyone had this kind of problem before?
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More info. Crank not start or no crank? What s the security light doing.
Thanks +Rep much appreciated Fing32
Never hesitate to ask ?'s
Thanks given by: krzysieksle , Ashraf6119
P1604 TOYOTA - Startability Malfunction
That was only fault.
Engine starts, all control lights are out. It have no reaction on gas pedal and in few seconds engine stops.
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Maybe also important information. This car had front damage in past. Can it be the crash sensor? Or some other safety?
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Problem solved. Fuel level indicator doesn't work properly.
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(10-15-2017, 01:19 AM)krzysieksle Wrote: Problem solved. Fuel level indicator doesn't work properly.

are you saying no fuel in tank
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(10-15-2017, 04:06 AM)KriyenKPp Wrote:
(10-15-2017, 01:19 AM)krzysieksle Wrote: Problem solved. Fuel level indicator doesn't work properly.

are you saying no fuel in tank

Yes, indicator shows that there is 1/3 of tank and I didn't expect that indicator can be broken or can stuck in few months car.
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Good to know that the problem is solved.
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this problem is very common in the aygo c1 107 from 2007 on wards thought they would have fixed in the new ones once they have a bump and something goes wrong with sender unit.
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