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BMW E-SYS 3.24.2 with patch for F-Series coding!!

E-SYS 3.24.2 with Patch

[Image: c81m.jpg]

Link and Password in the attachment below. Please introduce yourself out of respect to the forum and also I ask to have a little respect for my time and efforts and please do not share the link and password on this thread or any other threads as non-MHH members can also view it. Thanks.

THERE IS NO TOKEN INCLUDED!! Simply an upgrade or a new install of E-SYS for users that already have a token. Tokens for 3.22.5 or later will work with this version of E-SYS but make sure you install the patch correctly or you will be faced with several errors including FDL or token not valid. If you do not have a token you may PM me and I will provide with further details to obtain one.

All instructions are included in the archive including patch, cheat sheets, and coding documentation. Please read it carefully before PMing me or leaving replies that it's not working. It has been tested and working!! I have coded several F-series using it Big Grin

For those who require a token... unfortunately they are not free at the moment but PM me and I will send you the details on how to obtain one.

I'd like to thank everybody ahead of time who take the time to give thanks and REP+ I greatly appreciate your continued support.



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Hey guys!! Check my threads... giving away a free token valid to 04-16-2014 in appreciation of your continued support!! Click here for direct link. Only giving away 10!! *** CLOSED ***
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Since then 80 years have passed and I am still asking myself the same question (note - What is electricity?), But not in a position to answer it. Tesla
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(11-05-2013, 07:11 PM)Bimmer Solutions Wrote: It has been brought to my attention a member here on MHH has been sharing my links on another forum. Copied pics and text word for word. This is unacceptable and will now restrict who I give the links too. All links to E-SYS 3.24.2, PSdZData, and SPDatens have now been removed!! It's guys like this that ruin it for everybody else. These are links to my own account which I share with you. Please DO NOT post them anywhere else as they are not yours to share. Moving forward I have moved all my links to PM me for new links and passwords. Thank you.
All links now back up on a new server. I have sent out new links to everybody who requested one during the time my Google Drive was down. If I missed anybody I am very sorry please send me a PM requesting the links again. Just a request to everybody... PLEASE do not share these links or passwords with anybody and also if you could show your support and gratitude if you have not already and press the thanks and rep+ buttons on my posts Big Grin Thank you very much. If you are reading this and you are not a member of MHH then sign up and join the MHH Team here and Introduce your self here and send me a PM and you too will have these files 653
Can I get a link PM'd to me please!
Thanks given by:
Its a shame that certain people dishonour that agreement, Bimmer
I have only just joined and already I much appreciate Bimmer for his contribution to this forum and I respect that and all other members should too.
Thanks given by: hansel , Bimmer
(11-29-2013, 10:47 PM)minimechusa Wrote: Can I get a link PM'd to me please!

PM sent

(11-30-2013, 01:29 AM)chappy Wrote: Its a shame that certain people dishonour that agreement, Bimmer
I have only just joined and already I much appreciate Bimmer for his contribution to this forum and I respect that and all other members should too.
Hi Chappy,

I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement and support. Of course it is not necessary but always nice to hear Blush I wish there were more people like you out there but unfortunately as much as we try to make it the world we want it to be... it's just too big of a world to change. I don't care if you download my shares and share them yourselves, that's what file sharing is all about. I ask for 1 simple request... don't post or reshare my links or passwords... That's it. Want to reshare my files... no problem. Pay for your own server and upload them there and you can feel free to share wherever you wish Smile Just have some respect and courtesy for other members hard work on this forum or any other forum. I am still getting share requests for PSdZData v50.4 on my Google Drive. I removed the links from this forum awhile ago so I could only assume my links are being shared somewhere else. But it's nice to know there are people out there who do appreciate it as I appreciate members such as yourself taking a few minutes out of their busy schedule to say thanks Handshake. Same goes for everybody who has also and took the time to press the thanks button and REP+ on my posts. I am grateful for members such as yourselves. My door is always open for good chaps like you.


Thanks given by: hagop , minimechusa , Source
Thanks given by:
(12-26-2013, 06:35 PM)rabie_m Wrote: CAN YOU GET TO MI PM PLIS

Hi mate,

Out of over 50,000 members registered on this forum unfortunately you are not the only one who has sent me a PM. December 24-26 I am on holidays to Celebrate Christmas and today is Boxing Day which is also a National Holiday here in North America. That being said I am not fully attending to my requests or threads as I am simply enjoying my time off with my family. However I try to respond to urgent PM's when I can, that being said I felt your request to download this share was not urgent in my books. Asking me to "GET TO YOUR PM" will not encourage me to get to it any faster if I choose to at all. There are many other members patiently waiting for my response as well and I will attend to those in order which I received them. Thank you for your understanding.

[Image: llqu.png]
Thanks given by: webmaster , sarkisye

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