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BMW E60 Status 12 File required

Hi. I've got an E60 in and after running some updates on ISTA-P with an iCOM 2 modules failed to program and are now shoeing as status 12. I'm not sure why they failed but I want to try again, but over CAN using WINKFP (in case MOST interface is the problem). I just want to try using the exact files that should be on them rather than update. The modules are the BD (MM/CCC) part number 9149414 and the CHAMP-S/M-S/M-ASK-S part number 9149416.
I've attached the final report from ISTA-P in-case anyone can help.
This is now the second E60 I've had a similar problem with so any help is greatly appreciated as is anyone who has the correct data files so I can try the re-flash.
Thanks in advance.

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Did you use the Most adapter?

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(12-14-2017, 11:03 AM)Katsutoshi Wrote: Did you use the Most adapter?

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Yes, I did use MOST with ISTA-P
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Try newer ista p version, do Firmware update on icom, try again. If not successful, try different icom B (most adapter) and if this won't work either...
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Typically, there is a problem with the MOST adapter.
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Hi just got this car back in as never resolved the status 12 issue last year and now its urgent to resolve as need to sell the car. I've since tried programming with winKFP etc, but still no joy. If anyone could assist please. Even open to teamviewer support if you know more than me. I have a full ICOM A+B setup and appears to work on everything else, although I'm not convinced the MOST side (B) is working although ISTA-P doesn't report any fault except when programming MASK & BO.
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