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BMW ISTA /P 2.48 ISTA /D 2.34 diagnostic on VMware + ICOM Emulator!!!!!

Hi all,

This is my first post after returning back to MHH. This thread caught my eye. Particularly because of ICOM Emualtor. kiranabc is absolutely right. Bimmeristi here's a question that I will ask for anybody viewing this thread who may have the same question... Let's say I buy this for $250 or more right? Now what happens if I require support? I am new to the BMW world and I have no clue how to install, or how to use it, or get a message stating "unable to read vin" because you did not configure VMware correctly... Yes a tutorial great!! I'm saved. Hey tutorial... how come when I connect my ENET cable to ICOM Emulator I don't see an I.P address or a VIN registering that my F10 is connected? It's blank? This is what you call support? I mean for $250 or more I would assume I will be getting better support than this no? Especially since 2.34 has a VIN range of late 2012 or January 2013 depending on the VIN patch and build version of 2.34. I am working on a 2013.05 and says Uable to dertermine the Vehicle Identification. Why am I getting this message? As you said it works on 2013 models including the NEW F-SERIES, right? So why am I getting all these errors? Simple... because it does not support that vin range Big Grin but you did not mention this.

Listen, don't take me the wrong way here. I'm not trying to pick on you or be a d*ck but you bought this off some eBay seller I am assuming (nothing against eBay sellers) for a quarter of the cost and they listed it as you did just wrote ^^. "Works exactly like an ICOM" You didn't even know ICOM emulator won't work on MOST networked vehicles unless you are using an OP(P)S unit or ICOM (which serves the emulator as useless if using an ICOM). Do you even know where the MOST network connection is on any BMW? Lets say kiranabc did not mention anything. Someone buys it off you, and are faced with the ediabas error message in ISTA/P as mentioned above by kiranabc. What would you do? They paid $250 or more for something you said works exactly as an ICOM which was false. Now you have one pissed off buyer because you misrepresented the software with false advertising because some other clueless guy on eBay lists it as so.

ICOMA now runs $300 from many suppliers, quality probably not so good but still $50 more than what you are selling this for. And this version in paticular available on the net for free... you see, not only will you screw some poor guy with no experience into buying this from you but now you just made a bad image for yourself and a whole lot of grief when you wake up to that PayPal claim against you.

I have many years of experience on BMW's. I also own my own shop with an ISIS, ISPS, ISID 3.1, and ISSS 3.1 and create my own images using update DVD's. I also have ICOM Emulator 3.0.3 with an activator and I know for a fact it requires an activation in order to use. Now I am assuming your ICOM emulator has snapshots. These are suspended images saved at a certain time stamp preserving the current state of the hard drive to be reloaded at a later time. More commonly used if you are making changes and want to revert back to a certain time stamp in case of errors or like me... Fast Boots Smile... Don't want to wait for the dreadful system boot up times. In your case... your ICOM emulator was activated by another user, who then created snapshots for each interface after the activation process was performed. This is how we bypass activation... right? Great!! Well each DCAN cable is different as most of us know this buy now. Different cable meaning a different required driver. Sometimes this can cause an issue when installing over a driver that is currently in use because of your snapshot and causes blue screen error message and followed by a system reboot. Can't correct this unless you uninstall the previous driver and reboot the PC. Which you can't do with an Emulator that requires a snapshot to run because well... after reboot you will be faced with the activation screen again Smile so back to square one.

Listen... I haven't been around long on MHH recently but I was, back when MHH just started out. My inactivity caused me to re-register with MHH which I was more than happy to do so (CHEERS MHH!!) But I am very agitated by seeing posts and threads from people trying to resell others creations/builds that they cannot support or know anything about. You are now amongst the many reselling software that belongs to DarkSys who inserted the activation screen for a reason. You do not have the capability of activating the emulator because you don't own the rights to it or there would be no need for the snapshots Smile and don't have an ISIS clearly as you mentioned you have no experience with this so you are again reselling someone elses hard work.

Your introduction to this software in your first post sounds very familiar to me... almost as if it were copied word for word from someone else who was selling it once upon a time Wink Which then was quickly relisted by another seller who was in your shoes and could not support the software. The original seller was then getting emails from other buyers asking for support. And Kiranabc but correct me if I'm wrong you got your detailed description off another BMW forum from a user BMW_Tech?... Hi nice to meet you Smile

Guys... those who are interested in ISIS... save your money. BMW is switching to RHEINGOLD which will be implemented in the 3.xx base ISTA versions which as already started BETA testing. Official release will be end of this year or early next year 2014. What does this mean? Well no more update DVD's so no more use of ISIS. All updates will be performed via jetstream to the individual local ISID machines with subscriptions. This is implemented to prevent copyright infringement by redistributing ISTA software by adding many and many security protocols. Future releases will be a lot harder to obtain especially in VMware form. RSA algorithms have been implemented in to each update and with each update it will be harder and more secured encryption to break and will continue to worsen as it nears the end of BETA testing. I am now teamed up with one of the best programmers I know that is working very hard right now on unlocking 3.39 where we will then hopefully be able to convert to VMware for my fellow VMware users. As the saying goes... don't bite the hand that feeds you Smile eventually it will stop feeding.

This goes to everybody. Whether it be someone just answering a simple question like where do I put the key to start my new 2014 F32? Lol. Show some respect to those who work hard to provide you with these amazing things and information and one of the many reasons that makes this forum special or you will see a slow decrease in helpful and knowledgeable people and also software suppliers and programmers. Give thanks and respect points to keep them alive!! And for god sakes stop file sharing or reselling someone else's files!!

If I can help anyone please PM me. Do not PM me asking for ISIS or ISPS they will be ignored as I will not sell it or share it. I now have ISTA/D 2.38 in English and working on 3.38 English only and 2.38 in German. Also 3.39 now surfacing many thanks to my friend and genius at Carmax. So 2.38 English only and ISTA/P 2.50.4 multilingual now available. PM me if anybody is interested and I will discuss the details on how to obtain this further. Look for future posts and threads from me and also don't be afraid to add me as a friend. Can never have enough friends Fing32

Cheers!! MHH users!! It's good to be back Big Grin

Best Regards,
Thanks given by: MBENZTECH , chalorlay , avandgarde , cApSL0ck
Good job Bimmer Solutions!!!!!! Could not be said any better!!!!!
Thanks given by: Bimmer
Hello looks like you guys have a lot of experience on bmw
I need a vehicle order for F32 bmw 428i 2016
Any information will be really appreciated
Thanks given by:
(12-08-2018, 01:41 PM)firestone41 Wrote: Hello looks like you guys have a lot of experience on bmw
I need a vehicle order for F32 bmw 428i 2016
Any information will be really appreciated

What are last 7 digits of VIN ? Then i can have a look. Or you can search google yourself  for "BMW VIN Decoder"
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