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BMW KSD 02/2014 Standard Time Guide

BMW KSD 02/2014 Standard Time Guide

[Image: c81m.jpg]


This is a standalone version of KSD 2/2014. You will download a zip file containing a self extracting KSD Offline 2/2014 (.exe).

All time guides are in FRU's (Flat Rate Unit). In North America to get standard labor time just divide the fru by 12. So 12fru is 1hr and 6fru is 0.5hr.

PM me for link and password. The link which is provided is a direct link to my account which I do pay monthly for to keep it alive so I am able to share my files.

Please introduce yourself before PMing me...


[Image: llqu.png]

Please press the [Image: iz64.png] and [Image: h5xa.png] buttons if you found this helpful.

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