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BMW Navcoder

(04-24-2013, 05:29 PM)starshy Wrote: read first:

NavCoder can talk to the BMW over the TXD1 line, also known as K-Line 2, found on the OBDII connector
from 2000_10 onwards

so whats the problem,. navcoder can also go to obd connector if you build it

Again the same!
Don`t speak unprepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First - TXD1 and TXD2 (17-20 pin) was on old BMW with ADS interface ,Navcoder use not ADS interface!!!!!!

You do not understand what it is about, Navcoder not work with OBD DLC

Do you know what is the I-BUS interface and which car has that ?

This app requires a physical connection between your PC/laptop and the I-Bus data bus
in the car. The connection is done with the I-Bus physical interface.

NavCoder has been tested and works on Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 nav units.
The Mk1 does not have an iBus connection, so cannot be coded with NavCoder.
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... of course also MK1 cars have ibus in car, also navcoder works with K-Bus and P-Bus, because they are technically the same, you can monitor DME in navcoder, DME is not connected to ibus, you can go to every bus with navcoder

take a look here:

it even works on cars without navigation and absolutely no IBUS, take a look here:

that is why you can also use the diagnostic bus on OBD connector to make navcoder work.

All BMW with an bus system, start from e38,e39 from 95 are able to read and code with navcoder, round obd plug does not mean, that the interface MUST do ADS only e36 is the last car which explicitely needs ads, for example roof top unit, all later e36 are ADS and OBD compatible

MK1 is not codeable yes, but navcoder is not only for navigation units, you can also code light module, radio, tv module etc. read pdc read dme status ... - search for tuning files online
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"NavCoder only needs these signals TXD1 (pin8), CGND (pin4) and +12V (pin16),"
If we do that connections to OBDII port, Navcoder should work?

Thank you
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it work wit inpa k+dcan cable?
Selling Renault K-line / CAN Ecu tool  / IO TERMINAL ,licences.
BMW ISN from all EDC17/MEVD17 by dump.
VAG EDC17/MED17 clone-immo off by dump.
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(04-23-2013, 07:55 PM)starshy Wrote: At least this crack does not work properly and its old version, i made a new one, without freaking password, enjoy:

It's quiet a good software for coding, reading and using in car pc etc.

can you post this again? thanks
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