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BMW SP-Daten v44 E70 (2011-2012)

[Image: f9e90d75ec58d3e413056c470a576e7a.jpg]

BMW SP-Daten v44 E70 (2011-2012) | 8.2 GB

BMW SP-Daten archives larger than 18 GB, which contains a database with the firmware for diagnosis and programming of electronic control units and units of cars BMW. This database is used in a diagnostic program complex - BMW ISIS. All data on the various bodies are divided into separate image files in a file format.

Pack the database for the BMW E70 Ediabas (inpa, ncs, winkfp), is to update the database programs WinKFP, Progman, NcsExpert, Inpa, E-Sys, Abritus BMW, etc.

Updating is done in several stages.

1. go to the folder ECU and copy the entire contents of / ediabas / ecu replaced by newer files
2. go to the folder and all sgdat copy in / NCSEXPER / SGDAT replace files with newer
3. go to the folder daten files with the extension .000,. DAT,. ASC copy the folder / NCSEXPER / DATEN
copying the other files in the folder / NCSEXPER / DATEN / Ehh



115 bytes
Thanks given by: lollo54 , foxtwo , rabihfiras , ToMiBoY , Pepsitosy
The links are expired. May I know if the files are still available? Thank you!
Thanks given by:

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