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BMW Z4 wont start after Rheingold crash

Hi there,

Today i tried rheingold on my Z4 2004 E85, all go nice (all modules showed up with some faults in them but responding) and after readed the fault i tried to clear them up, all went nice but at a moment it hanged out and my vmware machine rebooted.

After that, i shutted ignition off, unplugged the cable and tried to start the car but car won't start at all. Now i can diagnose but some modules on the CAN Network are not responding to COMBI :/

I tried to remove the negative pole for 15min but same thing. Now the car is in the garage until tomorrow with negative pole disconnected, hope it will solve.

Did you have this before ? Do you know what i can do ? What happened ?

Thanks everyone, pretty new to BMW coding and just with a diagnose, it crashed.. i'm fearing -_-'
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try coding those modules that dosent answer by winkfp first
and enter correct VIN number
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Isnt it possible to write an empty *.Man file with ncs to the damaged Module?
If Not use winkfp like krille_u already said. BMW standarttools 2.12 I usually use. There it is included. In you need the version pm me

Best regards tommii
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you need to rewrite your COMBI (instrument cluster) by using Winkfp . If will not respond at all, you will need to rewrite the flash by using a programmer on the bench .

1 You can use one dump from internet , just to make the module to respond.

2 Then you will need to write with winkfp

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