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Bad / Possessed sd connct c4 or ?
I really need some help.
After owning a c3 mux with no problems on two cars 2004 slk r171 350 and 2008 c280 w204, das, xentry and vediamo I decide to buy a sd connect c4.
I bought one from China, arrived insert batteries and did the update on Sd connect. Plug the SD in my w204 and all ok, Xentry and vediamo. After a few hours i plug the SD in my slk and no connection in das or vediamo.
Flash the updates again ad after 2 hours the sd suddenly decided to connect DAS and Xentry.

Next day I tried with no luck on both cars.

I decided to do a fresh install of Xentry 03.2018 and vediamo 05.01.01 on w7 x86 ultimate. All the fixes have been applied by the MHH member (I am very grateful for all your help).
After all, this same thing will connect to w203 and not on slk 350. Flash again the update on sd and at one point will connect with slk but will not connect with w204.
Last time will not connect to any cars.

I always put charged batteries inside, on the SD there is no error only when in not connecting with w204 the red light will flash and xentry will advise me that there is no ignition ( but when is working all modules are detected in the quick test ).
In self-test at the beginning, it was a UART error.

When is working the SD is ok and see all modules even tried online for updating the transmission ( helped by a member here ) but WHY is not working all the time, is like an old tv he needs time to warm up??
It might work ok on w204 but when connected to slk will stop working, after this will not work on w204 also, need to flash again, restart pc, reboot sd etc...
Are the cars extreme one 2004 and one 2008 ( but again c3 will work ok when swapping between cars )?

Thank you in advance and also many thanks to whom already answer on PM.
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I think your problem could be related to a cold joint solder, a bad trace in one of the SD Connect boards, a bad microcontroller or a relay.

If it is a relay, maybe when it is not connecting, try some light tapping on the SD Connect and see if it connects.

If you are using WIFI, try to switch to ethernet cable to see if improves, but I think it will not solve it.

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Thanks given by: i860 , DBmhh
I only used lan.
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(04-22-2018, 10:08 PM)i860 Wrote: I only used lan.

Just wondering, what vendor did you order the product from? Was it inexpensive or on the higher range of prices for SDConnects when you ordered it?
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Thanks given by: DBmhh
I bought the product from here:
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