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Bosch-Vetronix J2534 Flasher ES6510 w7 drivers

Hi, I'm tryng to install my Bosch J2534 Flasher ES6510 in windows 7 but I can't make it work : "This device cannot start - code 10", I already search in the Bosch support page but I can't find drivers for windows 7, only for XP, actually I have the Flasher working well in one laptop wth windows Xp sp3, I can make ECU reflashing without problems in the GM service page and some others, I can use it very well with a few softwares like: Scan XL professional, Honda HDS, Toyota Techstream, Shop Foreman Pro and searching for other softwares.
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I have this same interface and I have been experimenting with it as well. I have it working perfectly with tech2win and gds2 although there is a aomewhat convaluted procedure for getting tech2win going on it. I have used the HMS hundai software on it also. despite my efforts, I have not been able to get ids to run with it but I feel certain it is possible. I have not been able to get any aftermarket software to run on it yet. I have been trying to push a custom/modified calibration with it but no luck yet.
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