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CAT passwords not generating
Having trouble getting this keygen to produce passwords. I noticed a little status symbol at the bottom of the kg is red? i've seen it green on other screenshots. Why is mine red and why wont it generate a PW? something wrong with the parameters I entered?

P.S. i've tried on both windows 7 and a VM running XP. no luck. still same result

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Red dot means it's not working .. most of the time it has to be run with winxp or AMD processor .or virtual box
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(07-13-2018, 02:54 AM)sp33d Wrote: Red dot means it's not working .. most of the time it has to be run with winxp or AMD processor .or virtual box

here it is not working in my virtual machine XP with single core AMD processor

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red status on xp virtual machine.png
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Make sure you have virtualization enabled in bios on your computer. Also, run as administrator. You shouldn't need a vm either. I use mine on windows 10 all the time. Just make sure you run as admin.
Thanks given by: diagnostix , mcartier
test running as administrator works for me in w10 pro 64 bits
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SDP3 2.36 x32/x64
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thanks & rep
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Run as administrator. Sometimes playing with compatibility mode is required too
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