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Can anyone Help with ISTA-P E60 Programming Error.

Hi Guys,

Im really stuck. Please help!!

Heres the Details:
The Module is: KOMB60
Part number of basic control unit: 6974593
Part number of programmed control unit (actual) 6974577
Part number of programmed control unit (specified) 9197107

I programmed a 2005 BMW 530D (E60) with ISTA-P V3.66 using a Genuine BMW Icom Next & MOST Adapter.
All modules were successfully updated with the exception of the KOMBI. I had the following Error:

Global.VehicleCommunication.CoAPI.1060 (CoAPI) - Fault in the encoding process description file.
I tried a few times but results were the same.

I then tried with Winkfp.
I selected update ZUSB in Comfort mode and selected the KOMBI ECU family.
Winkfp then tried to program the car using the following files:

PABD: 16KOMB60.ipo
P-SGBD: 10FLASH.PRG. (This one seems wrong??)

It then gives me a 
Error: 209 UIF can not be read! 
2020 Error ECU does not answer IFH-0009: No response from control unit 10FLASH.
2020 Error ECU does not answer SG_AIF_LESEN

I have attached a few images.

Any Help would be really appreciated.

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Still struggling. I have reinstalled the programs, used new SP-Daten files to rule out any corrupted data files.

Still getting the same error.
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