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Carprog 9.31

(06-08-2016, 03:23 PM)mitjas Wrote: Hello,

I'm also looking to buy Carprog, but I dont know exactly which cars does it support? For example, S5.1 is airbag reset tool for VAG, but does it support all models to 2016, or does it maybe only till 2010?


If you want new models and updates get an orginal one with airbag package.

With clone you will be stuck. To an old version -> Automotive Web Database
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I reiceived mine clone, new software but old firmware...I reworked all cables and main unit, everything ok except cant verify 24... eeproms. Lot of cables had wrong color wires, lot of short cirquits.. Not big fan of carprog, I will buy oem xprog and do it manually.
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