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Carprog can't read Motorola MCU

HC912DG128. I've have Carprog clone few days and tried to read it via A10 adapter soldered to pads on board. It didn't worked. Carprog shows only 5 times attempt and nothing happens. Same with write. So i tried lifting BKGD pin (grey wire) from board. No result. I've also took MCU out of board and it didn't work too. To verify that my Carprog is good, i've also tried reading HC9S12 form i believe ford cluster that i had lying around but I dont know if its damaged or not, someone gave me this long ago. Same story, no read no write. So what I could do wrong? My Carprog failed or I have bad luck and both MCUs are damaged? I've got second BSI with HC912DG128 and no luck.
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Can you please send a pic of your carprog pcb?
Do you or can you check if your carprog can r/w simple 93Cxx eep' s incircuit or out of the pcb?

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I will appreciate that. Thankyou
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Solved. Wire colours in adapters were messed up. Checked and works good. Thank you.
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