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Clone Tech2 Repair

Hi all, I'm currently repairing a clone tech 2 that suffered a fault. The two Flash IC's (INTEL N28F001BXB120) went short across the 5v rail and stopped the unit turning on, I found these by using an external power supply set to a constant current attached to the 5v rail, this warmed the shorted component allowing me to identify it.

I have now replaced the flash IC's but I believe they must have stored the base code for the unit as it now starts up but sits at a white screen, does anyone have any ideas what else I can try? Has anyone reflashed one of these units?

Many thanks and I hope I can offer people help with electronic repair related questions on this forum.
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Try to flash memory

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(01-19-2016, 01:52 AM)Texxnik Wrote: Try to flash memory

Thanks, this worked perfectly!
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can you explain how to flash tech2 memory? thank you!
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You will need a programmer that covers the flash chips
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miniPro TL866 with adapter.
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