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Cummins code after programming

So I just did the update from cummins, I have the newest insite I think its 8.?. It had EB90031.7  originally in it, I then updated it to EB90031.32. ECM serial number is 73513822. Its in a fire truck. I also plugged into a similar model and there are no multiplex features enabled. I did not copy and download due to all the pto settings and such that were different.

After the update it said Parameters not restored

Fuel Level Sensor 2
PTO/Accelerator Pedal or Lever Overide

It shows Fuel Level Sensor 2 as Enabled , Under J1939 it shows it disabled but that is how it was in the ECM Image I took before, as far as PTO override I don't know where to find that I did not see it anywhere.
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Ok so you matched the ECM code, but did you match the other two identifying codes to make sure they match? Sometimes for speciality vehicles like fire trucks, you have to flash a specific version.
If I helped in any way, please give THANKS + REP!

Cummins INSITE 8.x+Fleet Cals, ProPlus, Pro, Password Resets
Cummins Calterm 4.6, 4.3.1, or 4.2.1
Calterm Master Tool - install multiple versions.
DDDL 8.08 SP3 or 8.09 SP2 w/HW Lvl 10, Write Lvl 10 - (10/10/10 - All Parameters!)
CAT Electronic Technician 2019A or 2019B
Remote Tuning for all Cummins ISX engines. PM for Quote.
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I cant say I 100 percent did. I believe I did, it was the only calibration under Fire/Rv, horsepower and all the info looked correct. And I did not see any other calibrations available.
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