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Customers always find a way

to be complete dicks.

been slammed for weeks doing stupid repairs trying to find time to sit down and have lunch and study for school and go to class. Today was fixing a damn windshield washer pump wiring on a cat, and clearing some codes, trying to get done quick causei had a long day ahead of me.
this african, im saying his ethnicity because its very common with you guys, shows up sees im busy working and literally wont leave me alone cause he needs me to go check something on his truck cause it was super important and what i was doing didnt matter to him at all. wanted me to drop all my tools in my hand climb down a engine and walk to his POS truck
he opens the driver door and says "go look, what is that, just look and tell me what it is!!!" being agorrant and laughing like it was something simple, i look at his fucking dash and he has 2 check engine lights on,
he then said why are those lights on?
had to explain to him for fucking 5 mins that i dont fucking know without plugging in my laptop and seeing, could be one of 3000 fucking codes
african proceeds to ask me ok can i check it, i said yea but fucking like i said im in the middle of something you have to wait.... 
he then had the audacity to ask if i was going to charge and how much
he then thought 50 dollars was too much just to hook up and tell him what he lights where. he wanted me to check it and fix it whatecer it was for 50 dollars, i told him no fuck you its 50 for me just too look at it
needless to say he says he was going to wait lmao fucking hell
im going to laugh when his fucking engine falls apart
all you cheap fucks owning a truck..... next dude wasting my time like that im going to charge him by the damn minute for wasting my time

how many of you guys get assholes like this? shit i thought 50 bucks to scan some codes real quick was a fucking steal, life saver for many guys when they have a small stupid issue, stuff they can fix themselves. i love to help my customers and give them feasible solutions to their issues but fuck some one og you guys really ruin it for the rest of you
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Don´t let your blood pressure raise like that because of such people. The first thing I tell them that they can just go anywhere else. They are not the middle of the universe and they have to know that. If someone is polite, explaining that he is worried what is going on with his car, then he will automatically understand that it needs time and a clear mind to take a look.

People who don´t understand either have to leave on the spot or have to pay more just because my brain is freezing by listening at the hot air coming out of their throats.
Simple as that. Today it´s sunday, I was looking at a Golf MK5 thats loosing coolant, and I did that on sunday! Called the customer and told him that the cooler leaks like hell and we have to order the spare part on monday. His reply was: Whaaaat, I need the car on monday to get to work! - Mine was: Come here, get your car, and two gallons of water - maybe the engine survives, maybe not. Your choice. The customer is king - also in his stupidity!
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