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DS150e TCS v3.0 Clone Notes

Good day fellow members,
I am writing this thread to post all my findings/info/notes regarding the clone dual PCB TCS V3.0 interface.
I am not an electronic engineer, or anything special, I am just someone who has been inspired based on posts given to us by the amazing MHH Auto members, and would like to share my notes and findings on the Delphi/WOW/Autocom DS150e/TCS 
v3.0 clone devices
I have only tested 2 devices and cannot assure you that it would work on every single type of pcb as there are many different versions and methods used to improve those devices. Furthermore, I am still learning and this is all that I have learned so far regarding these clones, bare with me if I've left out anything..
As always, you are responsible for what you do with your own device
Please find attached notes regarding TCS V3.0 DUAL PCB

For all software/firmware links/downloads..etc Please refer to the awesome uploads of fellow members on the forum, I have found all resources on the forum, and have not taken note of where exactly to attain. The purpose of this guide is just to bring together all the important notes I have gathered through the forum, and personal tests, and would like to just place it in one place for future members to find..

If you have anything other valuable tips regarding these devices, feel free to share!


Attached Files

TCS v3.pdf

34.3 KB
Click thanks, it's free  Kolo
Thanks given by: JotaB , Msmax , zakidel , warezhr , Jhak

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