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Diagnostic Tool-Procedure for developing a file

Hello guys.That's my first thread.I want to start a discussion over development of a vehicle.I have a small experience on tuning.I have tuned 3 standalone ECU from scratch.I know how to make files for stage 1+.My problem is that when I tuned the standalone units I could datalog various parameters from my sensors like MAP,turbo MAP,TP,IAT,ECT,AFR.So I could follow a procedure and improve my car(I am not an expert but I know the basics to make a reliable file on standalone unit).My problem is with the OEM ECU.I have learnt(because of a company that I used to work) how to tune safely till stage1+.But a lot of my files arent strong enough.Let's say subaru impreza 2.0 gains: 40hp-50hp and 70-80 Nm torque(50 hp with a bigger turbo installation).I have never developed a custom file on a dyno.I want to discuss this procedure with any of you.I think novice tuners will face that problem as well.Let's say that I want to increase my boost.What should I care of?Should I start by checking how boost my turbo can build?Then check if my injectors can provide me with the correct amount of fuel and my fuel pressure pump?What about EGT after that?Ignition?I know that I need a datalogger.Are there any dataloggers that can create curves and see what happened after a ramp run at full throttle?For boost,tp,wastegate etc?My post is huge I know that but I wrote a lot of things becausse I wanted you to understand what I am thinking of.Now we can go step by step if any of you is intrested in that.Thanks
Thanks given by: DieselTech1/R.I.P :(

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