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Different electrical parts of Benz
Mercedes Benz 
hi guys
I am a beginner
I want to learn different parts and unit To work with star diognosis.
Is there an article or dictionary?
thanks in advance.
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hi guys
I am a beginner
I want to learn different parts and unit To work with star diognosis.
Is there an article or dictionary?
thanks in advance.

All solutions are available in the forum!
Use the search function ...
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Oh Lord. Thou must knowest that the search box is a tool of Satan designed to cause the followers much wailing, gnashing of teeth and causing them to rent their garments in despair.

Better to put one's faith in the Holy 'Google site search' to find the true path and the way on this forum.
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WIS is a great technical resource for functional descriptions, wiring diagrams, part locations, remove/reinstall instructions, workshop times, etc.

Starfinder is also very helpful for wiring diagrams and part locations.

To learn Star diagnosis, first thing is to get a working system. This can be a lot of fun and games if you have never set one up before. Once you have a working system, then run Xentry Simulation which will let you pretend you are diagnosing a modern Mercedes. For older cars (e.g. W203, W211, W221, etc) Xentry will automatically load another piece of software called DAS. For very old cars (e.g. cars with round diagnostic plug), Xentry will load DAS, then DAS will load HHTWin which is very primitive software.

Xentry and DAS have simulation modes so you can play around and learn without messing up a real car, but there is no simulation mode for HHT.
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thanks a lot
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As you have been told already just use the Pc search button, you will get information on Part D3, Part D4 SD Connect, Xentry Connect, the info you will miss is only about HHT-WIN. But if you look further you will see Xentry VCI as well.
Understanding DOIP SDconnect and what muxes work with what model cars

That is just 1 among many examples
Go into the auto mechanic, you've got to know computers to be able to work on the cars.
You have to look for teachers. If you want to be a mechanic, go hang out with mechanics.
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