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E53 Leather Seat Swap Seat belt Airbag issue
Hello Members!
I hope someone can help me with my issue,
So the deal is that I bought ainterior for my facelift x5 e53 and When replacing the seats I did not disconnected the battery, swapped over the front seats and now I have 2x error 1st is Both seats show Seat belt Buckle error (the buckle is with the airbag) and the airbag light is on the dashboard 2nd it shows Occupancy error,so the steps I tried to fix this was
1. Clear the error with INPA, P.A SOFT DELPHI ( NO LUCK
2. Replace seat belt buckles from old seats (swap them over ( error still there,
3.Disconnected the battery and left overnight (no luck

Both sets of seats are memory and fully electrical(basically identical,,,,)

To tell the whole story I was replacing the whole interior, door cards seats even roof liner, and to add to the issue after replacing roof liner my roof light will not shut off when pressed(even when press and hold) it will only go off if driving or doors are closed for at least 2 min or locking the car... tried to look into all cables no luck investigated fuses which are all ok...thanks for any help!
Thanks given by:
What is your error codes on the SRS?
"240 internal control module failure" needs to be cleared manually.
Thanks given by: Nosferatu , KriyenKPp
Hi PhilipM, how are you?
I can't tell exactly as I only scanned quickly but, pa soft showed something like,
SEAT BELT BUCKLE RESISTANCE TO HIGH OR TO LOW somehting in between those lines( I will get this properly scanned and will add proper error codes here) when you say has to be reseted manually it means I need to read module and clear fault withl ike xprog?Really appreciate your help with this Thanks!
(05-18-2018, 02:57 AM)PhilipM Wrote: What is your error codes on the SRS?
"240 internal control module failure" needs to be cleared manually.
Thanks given by: KriyenKPp
On the buckle there should be 2 plugs. One for the pre tensioner and one for the seat belt buckle switch.
Make sure the plug for the pre tensioner is plugged in fully. It should have a tab in the middle that you pull out first and then remove the plug and vice versa to install. First plug the plug in, then push the tab in. If the tab is pushed in and then the plug is plugged in, you'll get an error.

It was common for the occupancy sensor mat to go bad on the e53s so its a possibility that its bad. There is a way to bypass them if you do a quick google search. Also check if theres an option for a calibration in the occupancy sensor menu.
Thanks given by: Nosferatu
On some of this generation of SRS airbag controllers, if you recode a module to say something isn;t present, but the wires are still connected, the module can record an internal control unit fault.
The error can not be cleared, and no reflashing is possible, bt it can be fixed with Digiprog for crash data reset through OBD in a lot of cases.

A physical bypass such as a resistor is often the simplest, as recoding to hide an issue can cause the 240 fault code.
Thanks given by: KriyenKPp

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