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EDC17CP10 Tuning - OTP area


I have to do Swirl Flap delete on a GL350 Bluetec 2009. I have done many MB without any issues.

It's the first time where I see an OTP area in iROM. Reading have been done by Bootmode.

My concern is about writing the modded file on the ECU. The modification for Swirl Flap delete doesn't touch that part of memory. Do I will get an issue with the ECU by writing the new file? How MPPS will manage writing over OTP area?

I read that OTP area can be an issues for cloning purposes, but what about tuning the ECU?

Thanks in advance.
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It will give no problem
Tuning service! Stage 1-2-3, DPF OFF, EGR OFF.....
A free file will be a expensive file, it's not safe.
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otp area will simply remain unchanged. as always, so its safe to write
Be professional!!!

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