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Ecu Master Tool or Ktm all in one

I own ECU Master Tool,
Supposed to be Ktm obd, bench and flash all in one with scanmatik interface. But I can't read flash by obd.
The buttons for read and write are unlighted in an Honda Accord VIII with edc17cp06. Can just read dtc, anybody tried? Or is better to have Ktm Obd separate?
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KTM is aclone of PCM software at the state it been clonned.
So as PCM needs each module to be activated separately.
Your modules cant be upgraded anymore, buyng KTM means getting modules as-is. If its not active you cant activate it
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Ecu master tool dont have all activated modules like ktm obd
Did you tried to use it as j2534 passthru?
Cloned scanmatic 2 is inside if i understood?
It should work good as j2534 passthru
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The module I tried is activated.
I tried with the driver scanmatik and also tried to connect with openport but after I select device openport is disconnected with message no dongle.
In ecu master tool dongle is inside the clone of scanmatik.
Yes is a clone of scanmatik2 and with dongle inside.
This ecu tricore edc17cp06 don't have gpt access, only boot pin or obd but with obd can't read flash, dont tried to write.
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If you talking about this module then only writing is possible

Module 66

Honda Bosch

PGM-FI (Bosch EDC17CP06/EDC17CP16/2MB)

Writing, checksum correction.

Can you test more functions of cloned scanmatic 2 j2534 passthru tool
Work good with nissan consult 3 plus for example?
Xentry and globaltis?
Thanks given by: Crifix
i bayed scanmatik 2 pro - 2 weeks ago- CAN help me somebody to find out drivers to work on mitsubishi cars? i have instaled MUT 3 mitsubishi software, & i read on forums scanmatik si ...GOOD but for each brand car NEED EXTRA PAY drivers- mistubishi, honda, volvo, subaru...........a LOT off $$$$$$ only for mitsubishi somebody ask me .....110 $

WHAT is the solution ?
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The solutions is chinese ktm flash, just 200usd to unlock almost all modules.
If I have a chance to try it with some other cars or as a passthrough will post it.
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