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Elmconfig for ELM327 for Ford SUPER !

I searched the forum but did not find info about this program.
Hi all, I want to introduce a very cool software for Ford vehicles operating with ELM327 interface, the program is by fellow civil-zz this forum.
Supported vehicles: Ford Focus2, C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo MK4, S-MAX, Galaxy.
In short, soft systems used to operate at the advanced level of comfort.
Short demonstration older version, the latest version can be downloaded here , before installing the firmware file to install RuntimePack.exe
For porawnej service program should be modified according to the following scheme ELM327 ,[Image: elmmod.png]
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Hi would it be possible to have photos of the modification to the elm unit as I dont understand the diagram completly thank you
You have to know how something works before you can fix it !!39
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Graphics from the Polish forum, should , helpforum c-max

[Image: DSC014590003.JPG]

[Image: DSC014600004.JPG]

red arrows indicated where postponed the original cables to the switch, included in their place are new to the switch.

For clarification, the first photo, the blue wire is the new "added", the OBD connector is where the photo was previously orange and white has been moved to the center of the switch, the other side, add the green wire, where the photo is black and white was previously switch has been moved to the center.
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Thanks given by: maverickqwe , hzelectronic , radixenator
Used this several times to activate cruise control,auto lights and wipers , tyre deflation detection in a few Focus MK2 and MK 2.5, S Max and well, watching it closely for revisions, getting better every month.
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Better drawing of modification.
English is now supported for Smax/Galaxy/Mondeo. Nod

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elm mod.bmp

393.8 KB

I've downloaded the lastest version of ElmConfig, 0.2.6.
I want to use it on a S-max to enable anti-car jacking

As any one succeded with this version or a previous?
Thanks given by: Yasdiag
I've tried this evening :
Read CCD from BCM was ok
I modified one parameter : "Automatic locking by speed" on page 2 of Central Configuration
Write CCD to BCM was also ok
S-Max started (luckily), but doors don't lock when driving.
As anyone an idea?
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The latest version is 0.2.10.
And yes, auto locking with speed works on the modified ELM I got from a UK supplier.
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