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Engine Swap W210 -> W463 - issues
Mercedes Benz 

I made a swap from old 3.0 K-Jetronic automatic, to a bigger engine from W210 (WDB2102701B070196) in my G class.

G class VIN is:WDB46322817071661.

Old transmission was hydrakinetic, now I have transmission which must know the velocity of my car. I swapped only the engine and transmission. Odometer is old, and velocity of the car was taken from reductor mechanically, now I need to inform my ECU/transmission ECU about velocity. Because transmission is now in emergency mode, it doesn't shift gears. As far as I've been informed, it's taken from ABS system. I've got my old ABS under my hood, but I'm willing to connect ABS system from W210 to my old ABS sensors and to new ECU by CAN.

Or can I just connect my old ABS to new system by CAN? (old ABS: 0 265 201 030)

Do anybody did that before? Maybe do You know better ways to do that? I appreciate every single hint. I guess I need schematics which I tried to find unsuccessfully :/.
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To make the engine exchange work well, you need to have a compatible combination of all relevant speed related modules.

ABS pump / differential / transmission / ECU / cluster must all be correct combination.

If you try to mix the result will be random. If this engine exist in W463, then the part numbers also must be same for speed related parts.
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Thank You, so, I'll try to connect ABS from W210 to make it work.
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