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English NCSExpert 4.0.1 and EDIABAS with v51.3 Coding Files Installed

English NCSExpert 4.0.1 and EDIABAS with v51.3 files already Installed -- 1/2014

[Image: c81m.jpg]

[Image: sbwg.png]

Please read the post FULLY first before requesting for the link and password.

1) If you have not already introduced yourself to the forum please do so as all requests will be ignored if not.
2) Do not post on my profile requesting access, they will be ignored

All I ask is to treat my shares with respect for the time and effort I put into this and please do not share or post the link or password on this forum or any other forum as non-MHH members can also view them and share with other forums as well. If it this is suspected I will quickly remove the links and will be reported to MHH staff authorities. Thank you for understanding Handshake

[Image: 9yfl.png]

E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E60, E65, E70, E83, E85, E89/E90, R50, R56

[Image: rsyn.png]

This compression contains folders of NCSExpert and EDIABAS already installed with v51.3 coding files and ECU files. I recommend backup existing folders by renaming them (i.e NSCEXPER_OLD, EDIASBAS_OLD) Then copy the new folders to your C Drive.


Please remember to change your ediabas.ini and obd.ini after extraction to reflect your PC's configuration or your will not be able to connect your interface to the vehicle.

[Image: kzml.png]

BMW Standard Tool 2.12
INPA with Fxx Support
K+DCAN Cables and GOOD QUALITY ICOM's are available... PM me for details!!


ASK for pass in PM ONLY!!!


[Image: llqu.png]
read mr larry_bml the post again you will find your answer
P.S. don't reply on this post
ORIGINAL Xentry Connect and Bosch Xentry VCI License + Hardware
Remote Installation for 12.2019 Benz, Vediamo, DTS Monaco and SCN Codin

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: Bimmer
Will be a lonely inbox for those who decide to reply here instead of PMing me as my first post states Smile

Thanks given by: ibmman , Milanezu

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