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FIAT stilo, ABS fault code U1601 (SOLVED)

Yes any other system can cause fault because canbus uses one communication network for all modules so another fault may intermittently bring up -U1706 CAN network (NCM-NFR) no sygnal (engine) causing it not to start
Thanks given by: grmsek.damjan
New updateAngryI have had also a permanent fault in;
-eletric power steering C1003 Vehicle speed signal (CAN) invalid sygnal
-instrument panel B100D Rev counter invalid signal

In Eletric power steering parameters show me Vehicle speed(from CAN) 60km/h..but the car is at a standstillAngry

Is it possible that is some of abs sensors defective, especially front left???
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Not really likely to be your fault, your problem can still be in bcm. If you disconnect abs module car will display faults but engine should still start & run OK. I think all C codes are steering but still read through BCM and also rev counter through IC to BCM see if you can confirm with can bus circuit diagram
Thanks given by: grmsek.damjan
Today is another fault in BCM U1706 brake system(NFR) fatal..
Hmmm, what should I do? TmiAll fuses are good, in fascia and engine bay, tested one by oneAngry
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The car was repaired and I owe you all to tell what was wrong,I'm not that such a man, when there is no longer a problem, he does not care.whew
It was a cut brown wire above transmission, the shift mechanism is scrubbed and this wire made so many mistakes..Headbang
Now the clump of wires tied with cable ties so that it is prevented from further rubbingKolo

If this someone helps, please press thanks or rep.Wait
Thank you all for your helpFing32

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