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FMPC001 problem

I have purchased FMPC001 to install a new RFA Module in my Mondeo. The RFA Module is from a FL (2011) Mondeo and requires a 1040-x incode response, but the unit does not work.

I had v1.7 firmware installed and it only gave me options for key programming and odometer read for late model cars, when i installed v1.5 it then gave the option for Auto Pincode, but does not work. I have a 2009 Mondeo which previously required the earlier incodes, but because I have fitted a later RFA it now needs the later codes. When i choose the "Mondeo Free" option on the FMPC001 it does not detect the Outcode generated in IDS, when i choose "Mondeo" from the menu, it reports "Error: 7G9T-14A703-DE Login System" and does nothing.

Can anyone help?

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Can you check if you can find Mazda CX-3 in any menu? I need incode for CX-3... sellers can not promise it will work...
I have a scalpel, I want to become a surgeon, what else do I need?

King_Arthas DIY tuning guides in one topic.
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