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Try to follow my post for win10, its your problem as well
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(02-26-2017, 07:16 PM)newtronic Wrote: Try to follow my post for win10, its your problem as well

This is all on the premise that the device is assigned a port. My device is not recognised by my system.
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ok, so use first CDM uninstaller
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HELLO, i install soft always fvdi usb conect before
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Heres the real answer to your problem. You need to install Visual C software
Just go here and click on Projekte and download AIO.
Uninstall previous FVDI software then run AIO.
Have FVDI connected to laptop and install software.

Guaranteed will work
I never beg for Rep but Thanks is appreciated
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after removing device you must install fvdi driver packet from the folder program files/arbrites/driver
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friends and colleagues
you have purchased / fvdi-2015 ???
you have problems with FVDI ???
I have solved this way
I installed win7 with libraries attached
CH375DLL.DLL attached put it in c: windows \ system32

become administrators with all privileges
at the command prompt
opened with right button and Administrator
writer "net user administrator / active: yes" then send
restart your computer and log in as administrator

I installed the setup.exe
but beware
not installed AB263.exe
It contains a virus
then you will have message
"this software is cracked or manipulated etc...."!Rh4n3QYA!P8lv5VgIn...oly2AHwI02LBVg
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Hey, ERROR 5 is just driver problem or cable damaged as said before
If you need help please PM me, I will help in team viewer

Renault Twizy 45 5HP @18HP
Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI 90HP @STAGE3 LOADING
Autotuner master user
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