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FVDI or what ?

Guys I need advice ..
In my toolbox there is a lot of room,so I need some tools
I want megan and laguna 2 keycard learn
I want easy dash calibration on golf 5-golf 6
peugeot/citroen BSI pin code reader..

in all chinese description they claim it can do all this in one device
with price range 300-450$ all 18 sw activated ?????

I dont have TIME to buy original AVDI so chinese copy is only solution IF there is some luck(like all chinese tools) it will work..

what do you think is it worth to try ?
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forget my friend, you can put it on"YOU KNOW WHERE"
Chinese scrap
Never worked
Thanks given by: makssenior
Megane Laguna work,golf V vdo work but visteon not,golf 6 only Vdo dash,BSI forget.
Thanks given by: makssenior
(03-29-2017, 08:54 AM)mercas Wrote: Megane Laguna work,golf V vdo work but visteon not,golf 6 only Vdo dash,BSI forget.

Bsi with jhonson only has trouble with fvdi, othes is fine .
You have to desactivate economy mode for psa cars when you want use fvdi , and connect battery to charger then you can do what you want.
ALL YOU NEED ABOUT CAR !!! [Image: i1cz2d_th.jpg]
Thanks given by: rokibar , stef4o07 , makssenior
Well guys I spend few hours last night and tonight in searching forum and see that IF there is litle luck most of stuff work..chinese tradition..on the other hand Iwas lucky with carprog..small zed..

realy need golf 5-6 dashboard soultions
also renault cards

every car in workshop have charger on it..its first step on some cars its because crazy solution for daylight..lights are ON with ignition ON ..

what do you recomend for uper yobs ...dont go mad and say original yob CANT aford it,
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